World-Class Food Service Equipment & Supplies Since 1944

Established in 1944, H.D. Sheldon & Co. is a full-service international representative and distributor of premier foodservice equipment & supplies. H.D. Sheldon services all international markets, and is headquartered in New York City, and has satellite offices in Boston, Miami, Costa Rica, Poland, Singapore, Dubai, and Lebanon. H.D. Sheldon handles the design, supply, export, import, delivery, invoicing, training, and after-sales service for its product lines.

Why work with H.D. Sheldon & Co.?

Dealers & Distributors

With a price competitive, high-quality, complete food service equipment and supply product line supported by trained product specialists, H.D. Sheldon & Co. is your one-stop solution for all things foodservice.

No two clients are alike. As such, H.D. Sheldon & Co. is committed to developing a strong relationship with its clients, and to delivering tailored attention and customized solutions specific to each client’s needs.

Each of our sales managers specializes in a specific region of the world, allowing them to become experts on the specific customs, regulations and infrastructure affecting each of our client’s markets.

H.D. Sheldon & Co. provides short-term credit allowances to its distributors, which allows for local stocking of HDS products, as well as assists with project procurement.

H.D. Sheldon & Co. offers global shipping & documentation solutions. We can handle all freight, customs and certification details, and can coordinate multiple shipments into a single, consolidated shipment for maximum efficiency and profitability for our clients.


H.D. Sheldon & Co. offers a cost-effective, expert approach to marketing food service equipment and supplies to international markets. Our established distribution network provides manufacturers with both an immediate and effective international market presence.

Our products are supported by Sales Managers, who are trained product line specialists with over 150 years of combined experienced in the food service equipment and supply industry. Each sales manager specializes in a specific region of the world, allowing them to become experts on the customs, regulations and infrastructure affecting the delivery, sales and usage of the products around the world. Our sales managers regularly travel to our clients, allowing them to further develop our customer relationships and uncover new market opportunities.

With Warehouses in Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Dubai, UAE, H.D. Sheldon is able to stock its products around the world to ensure local availability.

H.D. Sheldon & Co. coordinates trade shows around the world in order to more effectively penetrate international markets.